Information for Authors

Contributions on any aspect within the scope of Commission B are solicited. Some suggested topics are listed below. The authors may submit: 1) an extended abstract of at least 250 words in length in single-column format not exceeding one page or 2) a summary in IEEE two-column format at least two pages in length but not more than four. Special-session topics are listed below. All submissions will be reviewed by the Commission B Technical Advisory Board. Accepted and presented summaries may be submitted to IEEE Xplore but extended abstracts will not be published in IEEE Xplore. 

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Important Dates

Early-bird and author registration ends: March 31, 2023 


 Suggested Topics

1. Electromagnetic theory

2. Computational methods


3. Materials and wave-material interaction

2. Antennas and propagation

3. Other topics

 Special Sessions

       Special Session #01: Novel Electrically Small and Multifunctional Antennas
      Organizers: Ashwin Iyer and Braden Smyth

       Special Session #02: Electromagnetic Sensors for Chemical and Biological Applications
      Organizers: Greg Bridges, Elhami Salimi, and Behzad Kordi  

      Special Session #03: Advances in Electromagnetic Imaging Algorithms and Systems
      Organizers: Ian Jeffrey, Joe Lovetri, and Colin Gilmore  

       Special Session #04: Advanced Algorithms of CEM
      Organizers: Vladimir Okhmatovski, Qing Liu, Shin Ohnuki  

       Special Session #05: Advances in Theory and Applications of Metasurfaces
      Organizers: George Eleftheriades and Ashwin Iyer

       Special Session #06: Millimeter-waves for Future Wireless Communication Systems
      Organizers: Tayeb Denidni and A. Sebak

       Special Session #07: Periodic Structures in Applied Electromagnetics
      Organizers: Jafar Shaker and Rony Amaya

       Special Session #08: Advances in the Methods of Inverse Scattering and
      Real-time Imaging with Microwaves and Millimetre Waves.
      Organizers: Natalia Nikolova and Puyan Mojabi  

       Special Session #09: CAD Tools for EM
      Organizers: Laila Salman and Tajinder Singh

       Special Session #10: RF Filters and Multiplexers
      Organizer: Raafat Mansour

       Special Session #11: Novel Mathematical Methods in Electromagnetics
      Organizers: Kazuya Kobayashi and Yury Shestopalov

       Special Session #12: Scattering and Diffraction
      Organizers: Giuliano Manara and Ludger Klinkenbusch

       Special Session #13: Wave Phenomena in non-LTI Media
      Organizers: Yakir Hadad and Amir Shlivinski

       Special Session #14: Electromagnetic Theory
      Organizers: Henrik Wallén and Daniel Sjoberg

       Special Session #15: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Nature Inspired Optimization Techniques in Electromagnetics
       Organizers: Sembiam R. Rengarajan, Ahmad Hoorfar, and Christos Christodoulou  

       Special Session #16: Theoretical Advances in Electromagnetic Metamaterials
      Organizers: Andrea Alu, Dimitrios Sounas and Francesco Monticone  

       Special Session #17: Advances in Remote Sensing and Applied Electromagnetics for Climate Change Research
      Organizers: Dustin Isleifson and Vladimir Okhmatovski  

       Special Session #18: RISs and Reconfigurable Electromagnetic Surfaces
      Organizers: Jean-Jacques Laurin and Sean Hum

       Special Session #19: Theory and Applications of Characteristic Modes
      Organizers: Henrik Wallén and Pasi Ylä-Oijala

       Special Session #20: Metamaterial-inspired Extreme Electromagnetics: Scattering and Radiating Structures And Their Applications
      Organizers: Samel Arslanagic, Dimitrios Tzarouchis, and Richard Ziolkowski  

       Special Session #21: Multifunctional Antennas and Arrays for Satellite and Wireless Communications
      Organizers: Satish K. Sharma and Jia-Chi S. Chieh  

       Special Session #22: Recent Antenna Applications and Advancements for Satellite, Radar, Air and Ground Systems
      Organizers: Nacer Chahat, Gaurangi Gupta and Sudhakar Rao  

       Special Session #23: Wave Guiding and Scattering by Cylindrical Metasurface and Metamaterial Structures
      Organizer: Yarden Mazor

       Special Session #24: Materials in Electromagnetics
      Organizers: Andrey Osipov and Paul Smith

       Special Session #25: Modelling and Measurement of Antennas and Propagation for 5G and 6G Applications
      Organizers: Qingsheng Zeng and Lixin Guo  

       Special Session #26: Mathematical Modelling of EM problems
      Organizers: Paul Smith and George Uslenghi